About Elbiana

About Elbiana

The area managed by Elbiana z.s. includes tourist destinations between the Elbe and the Jizera rivers. We have been fully operating as an association since 2019, with the aim of making the offer and services for visitors more attractive and higher quality.

We strive for the highest possible number of tourists, and we care that you return. We try to make it possible for you to spend as long as you can with us. We do everything to ensure that the time you spend in the Elbiana countryside brings you countless new experiences and the thrill of discovery, and that it is also accompanied by quality service.

We support each other. We cooperate on programs and projects for you – our customers. At the same time, we are improving the conditions and environment so that the Milovice area is attractive to more entrepreneurs in the field of tourism.

Elbiana vision

According to the system and vision of the CzechTourism agency, we support the development of tourism in our region. We increase the number of visits and the length of stay. We are improving conditions for entrepreneurs in the field of tourism.

We share data and processes leading to a continuous increase in the quality of visitor services in individual facilities and the entire area. We regularly conduct satisfaction surveys. We set measures leading to improved service and meeting client expectations.

We meet at least 6 times per year at professional workshops. We inform and train the staff of individual members and partners. We exchange professional experience resulting not only from practice, but also from participation in various associations or associations connected with tourism.

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