Loučeň Castle

Zámek a labyrintárium Loučeň

Loučeň č. p. 1, 289 37 Loučeň, okr. Nymburk
+420 727 900 616

Loučeň Castle is a romantic Baroque castle complete with its original interiors. It is surrounded by a large English park, which has recently been enriched by a unique European feature – a set of 12 labyrinths and mazes. The castle offers guided tours (with the guide dressed in period costume), special children’s tours and chocolate tours.  On top of this, a castle festival is held on the first Saturday of each month, where you can enjoy a picnic in the park, as well as a rich program of entertainment and competitions.

The castle complex includes a wide range of accommodation options. The Maxmilian Lifestyle Resort was opened in 2003. In 2007, this historic building was complemented by a modern, airy annex with additional rooms, which now houses the hotel reception, congress halls, breakfast restaurant, swimming pool and sauna.

Castle accommodation options

The total accommodation capacity at Loučeň castle is 126 beds made up of the following options:

3 apartments directly in the castle – Valdštejn, Furstenberk, Taxis

The home of Prince Alexander in the castle park

3 apartments in the historic building of the Castle Hotel

9 double rooms in the historic building of the Castle Hotel

4 family suites in the historic building of the Castle Hotel.  Complete with two separate bedrooms and a shared bathroom

28 double rooms in the modern annexe of the Castle Hotel

12 Standard rooms in the historic building of the Castle Hotel, of which two are single